What it’s all about
Well aside from hoping that I might actually post something that ends up being useful to someone else, this site is mostly a test area for me. I used to be the person held responsible for Network Solutions’ Hosting and Email platform but since then I’ve gone on to work at NeuStar UltraDNS which does Authoritative DNS for companies like Amazon, Walmart, MySpace, LEGO, etc., Verisign, Inc. which not only provides Managed DNS services but protecting small and large companies on the Internet with the Verisign Internet Defense Network (VIDN / DDoS Mitigation Services) and iDefense suite of services, to Endgame, Inc. building out Security Intelligence and Analytics products, and finally now at Verizon responsible for their suite of Managed Security Services.

If for some reason, you actually find this page and need help with services from any of the companies above, contact me from the contact page.  Please feel free to post if you have a general recommendation or feature request as well.

Have a Fantastic Day!