I finally made the move from Blackberry to iPhone.  If you are still a Blackberry user, I hate to tell you but your days are likely short in number before you to will be moving to the iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone.  If you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about, here’s a little article giving you some background – RIMageddon: Three end-game scenarios

To the point, while the Blackberry was not great, it did do quite a few things better than the iPhone and here are my recommended apps to get you through the iPhone’s shortcomings.

  • Conference Call Dialing – Dial My Meeting  or Bridge Call Dialer (No longer have to memorize pass codes and phone numbers)
  • Email all Attendees of a Meeting –Mail My Meeting  (Ever need to email the meeting group quick?)
  • Forward a Meeting Request – Forward My Meeting (How often are the right people not invited originally to a meeting?)
  • Maps / Navigation – MotionX GPS Drive (I was shocked at the poor quality of Maps on the iPhone given that on the BB and Android, Google Maps works great!)

It’s nice that there are Apps to address these (in fact that there are Apps that address most things is the key benefit to Apple’s success), but I still don’t like that Apple has not focused and solved core needs of enterprise users.  For those making the assumption the iPhone is the best replacement, please do give Android and/or Windows Phone a try.  While the iPhone is an improvement, I was forced down the iPhone path as my company does not support Android or Windows Phone and those phones may be better alternatives for you.

*You might note that a few of these apps are from one company DNA Products, LLC.  For the record, I have no relationship to them and my guess is that they found the same shortcomings I did and built a company to solve these issues.  Good for them!

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