Verizon LogoWow! and it’s about time! Real Broadband Access for the Home is finally here!  Verizon FIOS

Finally, internet service that advertises 5mb down/2mb up and delivers.  See the results for yourself at DSL Reports for Verizon FIOS.  Response times are excellent (sub 10ms) and this is sustained bandwidth not peak!

I will update this with more detail soon but suffice to say, that while the installation experience was not perfect, it was not too bad and is quickly forgotten after you taste what broadband should be from home.  Of note – please do yourself a favar and when any provider installs a wireless router, secure it.

My only pet peeve with the Verizon FIOS service and this is a minor one: For those who know what they are – Newsgroup servers are a little sluggish.

Background on My Broadband Experience

I live in Northern Virginia about 5 miles from AOL HQ, the newly built MCI Worldcom HQ (a massive complex), UUNET, and a whole bunch of other main tier Internet Service Providers.  To put it simply, this area has to be in the top 3 when it comes to pushing bandwidth and technology.  I still can’t believe how slow broadband access has been here.

Past Broadband Experience:
Dial-up: What can I say, it was what had to be used until about 1998.
One-Way Cable Broadband: Offered by Adelphia and as one might expect was horrendous.  How many times could the modem disconnect in one hours period of time?
Two-Way Cable Broadband: Offered by Adelphia starting around 2002 in my area.  From then until early 2005, it worked but they didn’t have a clue how to route.  Can’t tell you how many posts and calls to them to tell them they had a problem with node XYZ as evident by simple traceroutes.  They would eventually fix and when the next storm rolled through would revert back!
Two-Way Cable Broadband: Still by Adelphia but starting in 2005, it actually was reliable.  Not great speeds as peak and sustained would only be about half of the advertised 3mb down 512up but hey – what an improvement.
FIOS: June 2006 for me when I moved in to the new house!  It was made available in 2005 though in Leesburg, VA.

My quip about Adelphia – probably the best thing that happened to Adelphia is that the Rigas’ clowns at the top went to jail.  All I can say is that service actually became acceptable after that happened.

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