Just posting a warning to stay away from the company “IDS Landscape Construction” (aka “Irrigation Design Services” and “IDS Landscaping”). The company is located in Northern Virginia (Sterling, VA to be exact) and primarily installs in ground sprinkler systems but also does decks, patios, ponds, etc.

Long story short, this company (specifically the owner Dan F.) promised to do services and did not perform those said services. They have also failed to return various parts they took when they agreed to perform those services. As a result, the sale of my home was put in jeopardy and made the already stressfull event of closing on a home even more stressfull. Thankfully, while the buyers were annoyed, we were able to close – albeit with an escrow until the sprinklers are fixed.

As it turned out, when I had to bring in another contractor to do the work, there were other things wrong with the sprinkler system that should have been covered by warranty. I can only guess that Dan/IDS may have known as much and did not want to do the required work.

As an aside, this has given me an idea for a side project. Anyone know of any decent open sourse software that can serve as a foundation to rate local area contractors. How often are you looking for a plumber or something only to rely on an ad – not knowing how well that contractor will perform?

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