Developing a major enterprise web site is by no means a small task. The question here is: Has PHP and corresponding technologies matured enough to compete with JAVA/JSP?

Why do I ask? Well, my current company is at a crossroad where we have decided to get off of ATG Dynamo Application Server (with .JHTML implementation — we did this before JSP time) and the current thought is to go to SUN ONE Application server. As a result, we will be moving from .JHTML to .JSP and there is a lot of work involved doing this – don’t think just coding by the way. Think documenting current system behavior, design, coding, change management, new release procedures, slightly new architecture, complete regression testing, etc. So with that, as I must always ask, is this the right direction? I’m conflicted for a variety of reasons. Things to think about:

  • Regardless of PHP or JSP, the amount of work is about the same
  • JAVA/JSP skills are harder to find then PHP – thinking about costs here.
  • JSP seems to me at least to be loosing steam (this is purely subjective by the way)

To the detractors out there that I am a little crazy that I should even think about implementing a major eCommerce site in something other than JSP, I say think Amazon and eBay please…

I will continue updating this article as I think about this a little more so keep looking!

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